Over time, almost all your business operations have evolved from being controlled on a single computer to being accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Cloud technology is a boon to business owners who can now keep track of all their business activities on the go. Right from workforce management to finances, everything is available at your fingertips and across devices. Thanks to cloud-based systems.

So, have you ever considered controlling your business’s security system through the cloud too? This is indeed possible with the help of a cloud access control security system.


What is cloud access control?

Cloud access control refers to access control solutions for your business that are cloud-based. The traditional access control systems are generally manually controlled. The entire security intercom system is controlled by one device, and someone has to be kept in charge of its operation.

With cloud access control, you can manage access into all your business establishments through just one account. And this can be done without having to be physically present at the location. So you can view who is entering your business establishments, and also allow or deny access to visitors, from any place.



Cloud access control is now becoming indispensable to any business. If you are still wondering why cloud access control is important to your business, here are five reasons to help you figure it out.


Mobility and convenience

The one most important reason why you should have cloud access control for your business is the convenience of being able to keep everything under check on the go. Mobility is very important in all business operations these days. You cannot afford to sit at one place and concentrate on just one task when you have a business to run.

Cloud access control allows you to monitor the security and control access to your business facility from anywhere and on any device. You can personally ensure that your facility is secure without being physically present. So you can go about your other activities at peace.


Reliable access control

Cloud access control systems are very useful as they allow you to decide who enters your building and who doesn’t. Your security personnel may not always know if someone is supposed to be restricted from entering your business’s premises. And when you are away, you are usually not in control of it. With cloud access control, you don’t have to depend on someone else’s judgment and can control who gets entrance and who doesn’t know even when you’re away.

There are also cases where a former employee or contractor you worked with still has access to your facility, with the traditional access control systems. With a cloud-based access control system, you can easily update the database to deny access permission to anyone you are no longer working with or even set expiration dates of keys used by temporary staff.

The systems are reliable and perform well. A good access control solutions provider will handle everything for you, from managing the servers to upgrading the software. So, there is hardly any chance of a system failure.



Flexibility is very important in all business activities these days. You cannot expect one person to be stuck at one job, handling the same role year after year. With a cloud access control system, you will not need to have just one employee sit at a computer all day managing access to your facility. Over the cloud-based system, any authorized employee can manage and control access to the premises from any location.

Particularly for growing businesses that have a fluctuating workforce, with new interns and trainees joining the team every other day, flexibility is all the more important. So, whoever is in charge of that new intern or is dealing with the new freelancer can remotely control their access to the building. And your security personnel don’t have to fret over it every time.


Centralized data storage

Your security staff may need to submit the access logs to your office or business facility on a monthly basis. With cloud access control all the data will be stored in the server automatically. All the footage from your surveillance cameras and your access control intercoms will be easily available on the online server. The data can be downloaded as and when required, saving you the trouble of transferring it from the on-site system every time. All you will need to do is log into the web portal and download whatever relevant data you require.


Scope for expansion

With a cloud access control solution, expansion of your security systems and access control solutions is extremely easy. You can add new security cameras or add new access control intercom systems and just sync them with the cloud based system.

You can also integrate the security systems on your other business establishments on the same platform and keep a check on all your facilities at a single place. As long as your security devices are compatible with the system, expansion of your security systems is not a problem with cloud access control.

With so many benefits of a cloud access control system, what better reason would you need to get one for your business?


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