Security solutions for your home and businesses are getting more and more sophisticated by the day. From simple doorbells, we have moved on to access control intercom systems and now GSM intercom door entry systems.


What is a GSM door entry system?

A GSM door entry system or a GSM intercom is a SIM card based intercom system that uses your mobile phone network to route the audio from the intercom directly to your handset. So whenever you have a visitor at the gate, they press the relevant button on the intercom system at the entrance and the call gets routed to your mobile phone. You can answer the call, just as any other phone call, talk to the visitor, and allow or deny access to your property accordingly.

This system allows you to control access to your property from anywhere, and you don’t necessarily have to be physically present at the property.


If you are still not convinced about the usefulness of a GSM intercom system, here are 6 of the leading GSM intercom benefits that will surely change your mind.


The flexibility of remote use

The biggest and most important benefit of a GSM intercom door entry system is that you can operate it from anywhere. As the system uses the mobile network to connect the intercom call to your mobile phone, you can receive calls from any place as long as you have mobile network coverage.

The fact that you can control who enters your property and who doesn’t, even when you are not present, can be a great relief when you are away for work or on vacation.


Add more phone numbers to the system

Another big advantage with GSM door entry systems is that you can add more than one Mobil phone number to the system. So, not just you but your family can also control access to your property if you are unreachable. Some systems allow you to add three or more numbers that can be called from the intercom. This makes the system flexible and convenient if you are not residing in the property alone. It can also be useful in case one of your phones is not receiving network coverage. Some systems can even divert calls to another number when one number is busy or unreachable.


Keyless entry

The GSM intercom system is not just a security system or access control solution. It can also work as a keyless entry for the homeowner. If you have a GSM intercom door entry system fitted to your entrance door, you can simply dial the intercom, receive the call on your phone and unlock the door through it. You will not need to carry your keys along wherever you go.

This is much more hassle-free and convenient. So, even if you lose your keys, you need not worry as the GSM intercom system can provide you entry into your home.


Whitelist the numbers you trust

Most GSM intercom systems also work the other way around. That is, you can call the intercom from a mobile phone, and if the system recognizes the number from your lot of whitelisted numbers, it unlocks the door.

This feature can be extremely useful to let in close family and friends without having to call you. All you need to do is share the intercom’s SIM card number with your trusted people and whitelist their number on the system. So every time they visit, they can call the intercom, and the system will automatically unlock the door. But it is important that you share this feature with only a trusted few.

This feature is also another way for you to get keyless entry into your home.


Manage entry to your property internationally

Since the GSM door entry system works on a mobile network, you can also operate it internationally if you have an international connection. So if you have a property in another country and a caretaker or a cleaner needs to get in for cleaning, you can easily provide entry with the help of the GSM door entry system.

Or if you are on vacation in another country and your house help needs access to your home for cleaning and maintenance, you don’t need to leave the keys with them. You can allow access as and when needed through the GSM door entry system.



The GSM door entry system can be a very versatile access control solution. It can be used in different modes and is also usually available with different features. For instance, if you are using the GSM intercom system for a single property or for a single entrance, you can avail a one property model that controls access to the only property. If you need an access control system for a multi-property use, as in an office or apartment building, you can opt for a multi-property model, which is connected to many properties together.

You can also choose to use either the GSM door entry alone, to unlock gates and doors. Or you can use the GSM intercom mode, which routes calls from the intercom to your phone, for access control.

These features make the GSM door entry system a very dynamic tool for access control solutions.


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