Many hospitals have benefited from the Telguard range of products, and across a variety of different departments. This includes internal automated doors to specific wards, external main entrance doors to various buildings, or barriers to staff and public parking facilities. The systems themselves can have various DDA compliant customisations, such as Braille buttons and LED Indicator lights, which work seamlessly with the default automated voice assist. This means if the user is hard of hearing or visually impaired, the system can guide them through the process before access is granted.

For parking assistance, the Telguard is a vital component. The system can either ring through to a dedicated office to confirm access to the visitor, or they can dial-to-open or use a pin code which only works within set hours. This means authorised visitors can access the site with ease and efficiency, without creating those hideous tail-backs.

Perhaps you’d like to utilise our Help & Assistance panels, which can be powder coated red or yellow to attract attention in case of an emergency. These can ring through to a dedicated team who can assist with the issue, and trace the department location immediately through the unit’s independent telephone number (please ensure CLI is enabled on the line). Need help? Speak to Smart Intercoms today.