Dual Mode Reader


  • Works with Bluetooth Classic or Smart/LE
  • Cloud-Based VIZpin LITE portal for managing keys
  • Adjustable read range from 1’-30’ (0.3M to 10M)
  • Control Relay Output for Door Strikes, Mag Locks, Gates and Garages
  • Perfect for doors, gates, garages, IT cabinets, medical and AV carts
  • vPROX 26 Bit Wiegand Output works with every Access Panel
  • Door Sensor Input with built in logic
  • Arming Input for Loop, Motion or Pressure Detector
  • Request to Exit Input
  • Remote Admin Button Input for hidden/interior mounting
  • External LED Control for hidden/interior mounting
  • Tri-Color LED with external controls
  • Low Power 12VDC
  • Works with VIZpin FOBs 10′ read range (3M)


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